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The planet Rosalinn is a planet twice the size of earth, almost entirely covered in water, with the exception of a few scarce islands. Underneath thousands of feet of water, there is a thin crust, a thin layer of magma, and then a core called rosarine, a very precious metal harder than diamond and more valuable. It is used for many things, which I will highlight later.


The main island, Razinia, is covered in dense forests. It holds the most sacred land shrine to Queen Zerenia, their ruler and goddess. Not very many creatures live on land on Rosalinn, but some do inhabit this island like brownies, and naiiads, in a small spring at the center of the island where geysers erupt and spurt the purest water in all of Rosalinn. Some of the creatures on Rosalinn call it Paradise Island because of the spring. Queen Zerenia has been known to visit there often, to take spirit water from the spring to people or animals in need.

There are two island chains, one called Narson, and

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